Natural Peat 

SIA "B-PEAT" provides a full operation cycle -  peat harvesting, storage, logistics, crushing of peat and screening into fractions and packaging. B- PEAT offers a wide range of natural peat products, which could later be used for making professional substrates. Today we ensure export worldwide and the best possible result for our customers. 

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Ltd. "B-PEAT" carries out its activities since 2008.

At the moment "B-PEAT" manages 3 swamps with a total area of 322.7 hectares. Eģinieku swamp in Kurzeme region, Plaudīšu swamp - in Latgale, Līgotņu swamp - in Vidzeme. 

The company produces both cut and milled peat. Milled peat is extracted by milling method and block peat is extracted mechanically by cutting out peat blocks. 

"B-PEAT" also provides peat extraction services.

SIA "B-PEAT" steps to growth

Opening a factory

On March 6, 2018, the production buildings were put into operation. At our factory, both block peat and milled peat are processed and packaged. 

At the moment, we have a full crushing line installed for actually crushing and separating peat into fractions, moreover, the factory also is using press to package peat in  "Big Bale". We are constantly improving our systems and ways to bring the best results for our clients. 

Today we are working on our substrate line and we hope that in a nearest future B-Peat will be able to present it's first substrate. 


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