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Company "B-PEAT" performs cut and milled peat extraction

Peat distribution

About us

Ltd. "B-PEAT" carries out its activities since 2008.

"B-PEAT" manages 3 swamps with a total area of 322.7 hectares. Eģinieku swamp in Kurzeme region, by Kuldiga, Plaudīšu swamp - in Latgale, Līgotņu swamp - in Vidzeme. The company carries out both cut and milled peat extraction. 

The company produces both cut and milled peat. In March 2018, the construction of the peat processing plant was completed. With it, we can already provide a full cycle of activity - from bog area learning to peat crushing and packing in Big-Ball bags..

"B-PEAT" also provides peat extraction services.

SIA "B-PEAT" actual information

On March 6, 2018, the production buildings were put into operation. As part of the project, both cut peat and milled peat will be processed and packaged at the plant. At the moment, a line is being installed for crushing and separating peat into fractions and for packing peat "Big Bale". Recycling is scheduled to begin in May 2018. In accordance with the terms of the project agreement and planning the workload of the production equipment, the recruitment of employees has started.

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFLA) provided funding to SIA B-PEAT for the project No. / 16 / A / 037 "Rebuilding of IndustrialBuildings and renewal by expanding the business activities of SIA B-PEAT in the manufacturing industry 

"Project implementation time: 29.12.2016. - 31.10.2017.

Project objective: With a view to rebuilding and restoration of productionbuildings in Krimulda municipality, Krimulda district, in order to start and develop a peat substrate production.