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  Peat bedding

Peat Bedding is a new and innovative Poultry. The Peat Bedding products are made from peat that is blended with wood shavings.

The peat is harvested from peat fields using specially designed machinery. Bedding is a 100% natural product and we are able to provide 0-10, 0-20 and 0-40 peat fractions.

Peat Bedding is a highly absorbent material holding up to 10 times its weight in moisture.

Moreover, Peat Bedding is also an excellent soil conditioner. The bedding is used in terrariums, stables, barns and chicken coops. We offer bedding in Big-Bales (6000L).

Why use peat Bedding?

  High Absorbency Rates;

  Keep the animal clean;

  Maintain a healthy environment;


 Safe to use;

  Easy to spread on 0;

 Easily Stored;

 Easily Spread on Land After Use;

 Excellent Soil Conditioner.

Peat Bedding 

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